Islam Believes In Original Innocence
Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Effendi
Sheykh Lokman Effendi naksibendi sufi sohbet, Islam Believes In Original Innocence


There is no such thing as purgatory in Islam. That is a Catholic concept. I’m not claiming to know so much about Christianity or Catholicism, but purgatory is neither Jannat or Jahannam according to their understanding. There is no such thing as purgatory in Islam. They don’t go to Jannat, they don’t go to Jahannam, they are stuck in the middle. And these are the people, for example, unbaptized children, children who are not baptized, so they enter into purgatory. Other people too, like I said, I’m not an expert.

Islam does not believe in original sin. Islam believe in original innocence. Everyone is innocent regardless of color, nationality, group, everyone is born pure. That’s not the teachings of other traditions. They say, ‘you are born baby, but you are not baptized, if you don’t get baptized and if you die before you are baptize, you’ll be entering into purgatory, you are not going to go to Jahannam, you are not going to go to Jannat. But you’ll be separated.’ Purgatory is also a punishment to you. I don’t know, maybe they scraped it. Because so many things, they had it and they hold it, then later they say, ‘oh, we scrap it, we change it.’ It used to be their Qibla was Qudus, Jerusalem and the priest will be facing Qudus. But they change it also. Now the priest face the jamaat. He turned around. This was recent too. It was only in the 1960s. So, it may change. That’s what happens to mankind.

In Islam there is no purgatory. The hell, Jahannam, it is a place of punishment but Allah does not need us to be punished. It is not for Allah. You understand? Jahannam it is a place for us to be cleaned. Because even if you have a trace, an atom’s weight of arrogance, you cannot be admitted, like they say, into the Kingdom of Heaven. Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘even if you have a mustard seed worth of arrogance, Jannat is is forbidden to you.’ I don’t know how people can be so confident. How are we arrogant? We are arrogant twenty four hours. When you are stubborn, you are arrogant. ‘No, I’m not.’ Just you saying you are not, you are being stubborn and arrogant. You understand?

Everyone is born a Muslim: the one who submits, innocent. It is their parents, meaning the surrounding that changes them. And if a baby were to pass from this world, before the age of maturity, he passes from this world completely clean and he goes straight to Jannat. Not only straight to Jannat, he goes and he is in the company of who? Hazreti Ibrahim (as). You see how beautiful Islam is? You see how merciful Allah is? Nothing that the kid does is going to be written. He is not responsible. Who is responsible? Their parents. Until maturity, thirteen for woman, girls, sixteen for man, boys, parents are responsible. Parents these days they don’t raise children. They just sent them to school and the school teaches them the worse things. Then later at sixteen, what, you think raising children is just forcing them to come to the Jami, to the masjid, once in a while? Teaching them the Quran is going to be? Where is the akhlak? Where is the edep? Where is the lifestyle? So they grow up understanding, ‘oh Islam is, I have to take off my jeans and everything and put on shalwar kameez, and that is Islam. Once a week I recite this thing to make my parents to be happy, but if they are not watching, I’m going to do other things with my friends.’ Not understanding. What is the love then? The love of Allah, the love of the Prophet (asws). That that love, you have to practice, you have to put it in your lives. If you are not practicing in your life, that’s a fake love. You are just saying, ‘honey, I love you,’ but you are not paying rent, you are not doing the car, you are not doing anything.

So you teach the children. You have to, because past that age it’s very difficult to teach them. Like the Evliyaullah they are saying, ‘to teach the children before the age of maturity, it is like writing in stones. You carved writing on stones. But to teach the children after the age of maturity it is like writing on water.’ So when are we going to teach our children? Teach what? Teach the world? They are going to enter into the world. The world will teach them, don’t worry. You have to teach them Allah. How are you going to teach them Allah and the Prophet (asws)? You have to know Allah and the Prophet (asws). Because you are the one that first they are going to see, the mothers especially, that so many Muslim mothers are running away from motherhood. You are the first educators. You are the ones when the baby is inside the stomach, you have to be a Mukminah, you have to be a Muslimah. You cannot be, when you are expecting and you go anywhere you want to go, do anything you want to do, say anything you want to say, ‘Oh, it’s hormones, so I can do other things.’ No, you have to take care because the angels they are visiting you every single day, and you have to be careful because that life begins then. Mother is doing that, the father has to calm down now, because the child it is forming. And when the baby comes out, the tradition forty days, you don’t even let the baby to go out.

These days, baby just came out, they take a picture and they post everywhere. Nazar, do you understand Nazar? The evil eyes. It is real. Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Nazar it is real.’ He is saying, ‘even when you see the full moon, you have to say MashaAllah. If you don’t say mashaAllah, your evil eye will reach to the moon.’ Do you understand how important this is? This is lifestyle. This is edep and this is akhlak. This is lifestyle. You are praying, you are doing so many things but you don’t have a lifestyle of Islam, what do you have? You just have the shell with no foundation. You can topple down any time the wind comes. So you raise your children when they are young so that they know. Then later on, after that age, you are not responsible anymore. They can do whatever they like, and they should be left to make this choices, they have to stand up on their feet. The men cannot be mummy’s boys. Sixteen, still mummy’s boy. Twenty, still mummy’s boy; ‘because I love my mummy.’ You are loving your mother, doesn’t mean that you have to be a mummy’s boy. It’s completely different. You understand? Because especially the man has to grow up to be man. They cannot just remain babies like that. What is going to happen? They are going to choose wife that is going to be like their mother. Because that’s all the woman that they understand. Next generation is going to be even worse. Next generation, worse.

Sixteen years old, but Allah swt has said through the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘there are two angels, on your right and on your left shoulder.’ Get out from your mind, Disney world, Disneyland, saying one devil, one angel whispering to you. No. Two Angels, Qiraman and Qatibin, the recording angels. If you do something right, it will be recorded right away. And your reward, according to your intention now, can be between seven to seventy to seven hundred thousand, as much as you want, according to your intention. It’s not the action, according to your intention now. Like that ant who wants to put out the fire of Namrud. It cannot do that. It’s carrying in its mouth maybe not even a drop of water, but because of the intention, Allah praises that ant. Allah is not praising us in the Quran, Allah is praising that ant. Surely we are better than that ant. So now, it is according to the intention. The angel on the left will only write what you do that is wrong. But, with everything it is showing that even amongst the angels, there’s a leader. Democracy says, ‘no, no leader. Everyone is equal.’ Even amongst the angel, this two angels, the angel on the right is the leader, the angel on the left follows. The angel on the left has to ask the permission on the right, ‘this son of Adam committed this, do I have permission to write?’

Angel says, ‘wait. If he asks Allah for forgiveness, don’t write.’ How long Allah is giving? ‘Six hours pass, if he doesn’t say, he doesn’t ask, write down, one mistake that he did.’ And the punishment is one. One is to one. You do something good, one is to seven, seven thousand, seven hundred thousand. You do something wrong, one is to one. If he doesn’t ask Allah swt for forgiveness sincerely. If he does, cancel that, there’s nothing, don’t write. This is for us to understand the Rahman and the Rahim of Allah swt.

So that now, when we say Allah, it is not word, it is understanding. And on that day when there is no shade, that day when the sun is right above our head, Judgement Day that even the Prophets they are going to be shaking to meet the judgement of Allah swt, that day when the sons of Adam will run to Adam (as) and asking, ‘please, you are our father, intercede for us. Help us.’ Adam (as) says, ‘I cannot help you. I committed something, I ate from the forbidden fruit. I cannot help you. My judgement is coming and I fear from that.’ They are going to run to Nuh (as) saying, ‘you are our second father. Help us. Intercede for us.’ He says, ‘We cannot.’ We are going to run to every prophet to ask for intercession. Why that time you don’t ask Allah? Ask Allah. That so many is saying, ‘no, no, no intercession of Prophet, no intercession of Saints, straight to Allah.’ You are in Judgement Day, you are in the field of Mahsyar, ask Allah. That Hadiths is saying, ‘they are not going to ask.’ Now you know where the help and the Rahmat of Allah is coming. Now you are going to understand the protocol of the Rahmat coming from the Prophet and to the waris. They go, finally, to Isa (as), ‘you are Ruh Allah, intercede for us. You are born without sin. Intercede.’ He says, ‘I cannot because my nation calls me Allah and calls me the son of Allah.’ And finally Holy Prophet (asws) will arrive and all the Prophets and all of mankind will stand up and they will say, ‘Ahmad has come.’ Because that is his name in Paradise. ‘Ahmad has come. Aaah, intercession now.’

We don’t want the Judgement of Allah. We want the mercy of Allah. Mercy of Allah is only on the Rahmatalil Alamin, not to you and to me. Rahmatalil Alamin. As much as you are following Rahmatilil Alamin, as much as you have rahmat in your heart, that time, the maqam of shafaat may also be given to you to intercede for your family and for your friends. Of course. It may be given to you. The Quran is going to intercede for us. The Quran is going to witness us, correct? There’s so many other things that is going to intercede for us, on that day when there is no shade. So we must run now to be under the dome of Allah, the shade of Allah. Do you understand?

We are not worth the intercession of the Prophet (asws). We are no good people. We are garbage. We are not doing anything. But we are asking for Allah’s mercy. And as much as you ask, Allah will give. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, for the sake of Habibullah (asws), for the sake of the family of the Prophet (asws), for the sake of all the Enbiyas and the Evliyas, for the sake of the Saliheen, for the sake of SahibulSaif, Ya Rabbi, please accept our tauba, and we are asking you for protection from the holy ones, and keep us under Your shade ya Rabbi, here and in the grave and Hereafter. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, AlFatiha

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Zul Qaida 1437
August 13, 2016.
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