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Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Effendi
Sheykh Lokman Effendi naksibendi sufi sohbet, Groups in Islam


Question: You have spoken in the khutba that there’s separation not only in Islam but also in other religion. But we know that the other religion they have wrong beliefs. So when you say that there is a group of believers, what do you specifically mean and how can we recognize them?

The Holy Prophet (asws) he has said Islam is going to be divided into 73 different groups. He did not say like majority of the scholars here today, ‘all groups are accepted. All groups are on the way of Haqq. All groups, no matter how much you’ve deviated from the Book of Allah and the Book of His Prophets and His Prophet (asws) and the way of the Evliyaullah, they are all true.’ Prophet (asws) did not do that. But of course today’s people they think they are more intelligent than Prophet, more intelligent than Sahabis. They think that they have more mercy than Allah. So they embrace every wrong things out there. And they support every wrong things. But they are two face, anyway. They say, ‘we support, but it doesn’t mean that we support, but we support. But it doesn’t mean we support.’

Prophet (asws) says only one group is going to be saved, it’s going to be on the way of Haqq, it’s going to be on the Siratul Mustaqim. He did not leave it open. They asked him, the Sahabi e-kiram, for us especially in the ahir Zaman, ‘ which group is that ya Rasulullah?’ He says, ‘the group that follows my Sunnah and the sunnah of my Sahabis,’ not just stopping at the Prophet (asws). Because every group that is deviated, they claim they are following the sunnah of the Prophet (asws). ISIS, MISIS, all these kinds of groups, everyone, all the deviant groups, they claim also to take from the Holy Prophet (asw). Of course today Quran alone people they reject risalat completely. Those are completely out of Islam. He says, ‘one group it is correct. It’s following my sunnah and the sunnah of my Sahabi.’ Because you have to follow the sunnah of the companions of the Prophet, you have to follow the sunnah of the Tabi’ins, you have to follow the sunnah of the Tabi’in Tabi’in, because that’s how you are going to reach to the sunnah of the Rasulullah (asws), through his companions.

Our Sheykh has taught us, Evliyaullah are saying: Judaism is divided into seventy-one different groups, one of them is on the right way, seventy they are out. Christianity into seventy-two different groups, one of them is on the right way, seventy-one they are out. Islam they will be divided into seventy -three different groups. One of them is on the right way, the rest are out. Now, how are you going to say we are not here going to judge people? We are not going to judge especially the unbelievers. You want to judge, you judge yourself. You judge yourself, ‘how close am I in following the sunnah of the Prophet and the sunnah of the Sahaba e-Kiram? You judge yourself. The unbelievers, you don’t judge. You don’t say, they are near or they are far. How are you going to know? This way we are not going to say specifically. Your heart must be working. You are standing up for Haqq, correct? Do you know what that Haqq is according to you? That is your own answer. Alright? What are you standing up for Haqq? Have you ever been in a situation when you are amongst muslims they don’t accept what is your Haqq? Have you ever been in a situation with non muslims and they are accepting your Haqq? What else do you need? What other specifics do you need?

This is the time, yes, in terms of people coming into Islam, to accept the Sunnah and to love Islam and the Prophet (asw) we open our arms wide. The unbeliever looks at you and he is looking at your Turban and he says, maybe that one is completely unbeliever, maybe that one according to him he hates Islam, but he looks at your turban one day and he says, ‘this is so beautiful man. You look like you are a prince something.’ Mercy reaches to that one because he’s liking what? You? What? The Sunnah of the Prophet (asw). Are we going to sit there and judge now, ‘let me see what kind of believer. Is he real ? is he true? Let me judge him.’ No we are not going to judge his words.

Coming to the time of the Holy Prophet (asws) when that Sahabi fought against this unbelievers, took out his sword and he was going to kill the unbeliever, and the unbeliever is saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu,’ and that Sahabi thinking, ‘he’s only saying that to save himself. He doesn’t mean it,’ and he kills. And when that story, that word reach to the Prophet (asws), the Prophet (asws) was very upset. And when that Sahabi came to his presence and the Sahabi explained, ‘Ya Rasulullah, he’s doing it. He doesn’t mean it. He’s just trying to save his skin, his life.’ And the Prophet (asws) said, ‘did you cut open his chest to see whether he is sincere or not? Isn’t my whole mission to make people to say, ‘La ilaha ilallah.’ So they are saying it. You pull back. It is not your duty now to judge. They are liking what you are doing, you pull back. You pray for them. Do you understand?

Then there are other things that we are standing up. We are standing up against dajjal, his system. We are standing up against everything that is connected to him. This is the irony also. There are more non Muslims believing that the system is evil than there are Muslims. Because Muslims, majority especially regimes and countries, they want this system. They want this system and they want what is already there in this world, especially from the west, and they are running for that. Do you understand? And there are people, there are unbelievers that they say, ‘we know what a mess up system this is and we don’t want it.’ They say everything is rotten. Correct?

How are you going to know? Look at your Haqq. Don’t look at your Haqq, look at the Haqq that your Sheykh is teaching you. We don’t know Haqq. We’ll be in trouble if we say, ‘I know what is Haqq.’ Our faith was taught to us, was given to us by those who have faith. The faith of the Sahaba e-kiram came because the Holy Prophet (asws) brought faith to them and he brought light to them. None of us here, we have light. The light, we took, it was given to us. That time, we don’t need to read too much. You are not going to look for conspiracy theories. You are not going to look for secret books. You are not going to. No. Your heart is going to say. And you are going to know, ‘are you standing up for this?’ yes. Don’t judge. One day standing up, one day is not standing up. Don’t judge. Suddenly standing up, that’s it, finish. You understand?

What is this system of dajjal? This is the system of tyranny. This is the system of oppression. This is the system when the powerful is going to oppress the weak. This is the system that is teaching you nothing but selfishness. First please yourself. It’s not a system that is going to teach you how to look out for others. They are saying that. The words are very sweet. They are saying that, but what are they doing? Nothing. This is the time to keep our faith simple and sincere. And to keep our lives simple and sincere. Don’t think you know so much. Don’t think also by just looking at the sohbet you know so much. We don’t know until it is required for us to know. You are studying. Still don’t know. You will only know if you know when the test comes to you. Correct? So many I’m seeing, they know sohbets, they know this, they know this…but when the test comes to them, the questions comes to them, simple things they don’t understand. Simple things they don’t get. So, you are not listening with this (the heart). you are not listening. You have to.

We have to wake up. We have to become adults. When the test comes, then that’s the time you are going to pull, you are not going to trust yourself. You are not going to trust yourself. You are going to trust in your Sheykh. You are not feeling it. How many times our feelings have gotten us into trouble? How many times our feelings have betrayed us? How many times our feelings they have destroyed us? You are still relying on your feelings? Don’t . We rely on our Sheykh.

This much is enough, insya’Allah. May he accept our weak service. We are never saying we are number one or we are good. Not you, not me. But this is a reminder. First it is for me then for all those who wants to listen. You are free to take it, you are free to go. We are not in this to collect people. We are not in this to run around like headless chickens. We want things to be simple and for us to be strong. The only way you can be strong is if we cut off your ego that is pulling your power and your strength. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Shawwal 1437
July 7, 2016.
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